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TTC - TRANSPORTES TELES DO CARMO, LTD was founded in 1992 based in Marinha Grande, an important industrial center in the center of Portugal, and begun operating in the Portuguese market.

At the beginning of the millennium TELES DO CARMO is strategically directed to the Iberian and European markets. Since then its goals are the pursuit of customers and consolidation in these markets, betting on a strong geographic coverage through regular lines which deliver daily to various parts of Europe.

In porsuit of the evolution of its organizational structure CARMO TELES obtained in 2010 the certification of its Quality Management System by the NP EN ISO 9001: 2008. 

From 2018 the company transitioned its Quality Management System to the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.


TTC - TRANSPORTES TELES DO CARMO, LDA is dedicated to the transport of full loads throughout Europe, providing also
small vehicles for local services in Portugal. It has in Marinha Grande a warehouse able to present to its customers
warehousing and logistics services for their goods. 

In partnership can also offer these services in various parts of Portugal and Spain.
All trucks are equipped with GPS so it is possible to make your follow - up all the time.
The entire management system is integrated and automated being possible at any time to trace any load.


TTC - Transportes Teles do Carmo, LDA focuses its resources always looking for value and optimization.


Heavy Goods

Customer Satisfaction

Legal Compliance

Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

TTC - TRANSPORTES TELES DO CARMO, LTD is committed to improving the satisfaction of its customers, employees and partners and the establishment of lasting relationships in order to affirm the excellence of its service and social responsibility, leading to Customers and Partners by their satisfaction, recommend our services. In this respect, we assume:

  • The constant concern to identify and meet the needs and expectations of customers and partners;
  • Promote an integrated view of customers, employees and other partners in the Quality Management System structure;
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its activity;
  • Promote the development of employees and partners in the company's goals by raising awareness, job promotion and training team;
  • Efficiently allocate resources to the various activities, with a view to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in order to increase the competitiveness factors;
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements established in the system, according to EN ISO 9001 NP.

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